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GoShares is a search engine that redistributes income from Ads to fund sustainable projects around the globe.

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Give Power
GivePower is a non-profit leading sustainable energy projects around the globe. GivePower brings clean, reliable energy to those who need it most.
Solar Foundation
Protect the environment and create economic growth by supporting loans that give people access to products that reduce pollution and provide sustainable energy.
Green Peace
GreenPeace engages with businesses, governments and consumers so that one pressures the other to create the progress we need to protect our environment.
David is looking to purchase 18 new solar panels helping his off-grid farm add more refrigeration to preserve organic fruit and vegetables.
Poko Justine
Poko Justine has already received 2 loans to grow her farm and is looking for a 3rd purchase insecticide and expand the field for farming purposes.
Shayna is building Dirty Boots Farm and needs the funding to build needed infrastructure to get up and running on energy initiatives for the farm.

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