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Our Mission

Our planet faces a perfect storm of economic and environmental crises that threaten not only the global economy, but life on Earth as we know it. The dire, existential threats of climate change requires bold and visionary solutions if we are to leave a livable world to the next generation and beyond. With our government in a constant state gridlock and refusing to take necessary action, it is now up to us to save the planet while we still can.

With the GoShares search engine, we have set out to build a global movement of people who are empowered to turn an everyday action into a force for social change. To start, GoShares will be hyper focused on supporting innovative solar energy systems that can uplift impoverished communities. These solar energy systems can transform the fortunes of entire families while creating a more sustainable planet.

Together, we are funding transformative solutions to achieve a prosperous future in which solar energy can positively impact all of our lives.

Explore, Director

Andrew leads Global Operations for ProChain and looks to expand their reach into additional markets through ExploreOS.

ProChain, co-founder

David helps run ProChain the most active Ad Network in the blockchain ecosystem. He previously lead the big-data team at Tencent.

ProChain, co-founder

Derrick is the CMO of ProChain and the architect of it's innovative blockchain based Ad Exchange.
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