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What is GoShares?

GoShares is a search engine that brings top search technology together with a mission to fund clean energy initiatives. GoShares distributes revenue from every search to sustainable projects around the globe.

Why Should I install GoShares?

GoShares provides you great search results; it also enables you to build a sustainable planet for free. By installing GoShares, you are joining a global movement of users who are empowered to turn an everyday action into a force for social change.

80% of our profits from ad income is made available for sustainable projects. We provide full transparency of our finances by publishing monthly financial reports. Privacy is also very important to us: we don't use third-party trackers or sell your data to advertisers. Read more about our privacy policy here.

How does GoShares make money?

Like any other search engine, GoShares earns money from clicks on the advertisements that appear above and beside the search results.

The advertisements on GoShares are clearly labeled as Ads and are text links to websites that pay for each click by users. The ads are delivered to you by our search partners, who pay GoShares a share of the revenue generated via these ads.

Why don't I see any ads on GoShares?

There may be several reasons for you not to see any ads on GoShares. One of them may be:

  • You are using an ad blocker. Have you considered making an exception for GoShares and adding it to your whitelist?
  • The search term you were looking for doesn't come with any ads. This is nothing out of the ordinary
  • You are using GoShares in a region or language we are not showing any ads in


What is a Share?

A Share corresponds to points that you earn each time your search displays an advertisement. Clicking on ads generates revenue for GoShares, which is paid by the advertiser. GoShares allocates 80% of the revenue you generate in the form of Shares. Once you pick the sustainable project you want to donate your shares to, GoShares transforms them into real money, and makes a donation to that project.

How is the Value of each Share Calculated?

You earn shares each time you make a search with GoShares. The money linked to your shares is correlated to the value of search advertisements that are displayed from your searches on the GoShares search engine.

Can I earn Shares by randomly clicking on ads?

Thanks, but don't do it. You should only click on search ads in which you are genuinely interested: arbitrary clicks could harm the advertiser and possibly even GoShares. There are also algorithms active, which are designed to detect fake clicks and invalidate them. So just go ahead and use GoShares like any other search engine. If ads seem like they might tell you what you need to know or take you to sites you were looking for, go ahead and click! The money generated from these clicks on ads will generate more shares for you to donate.

Sustainable Project Partners

How Does GoShares choose Sustainable Projects?

The first projects were selected by the GoShares team in relation to the positive innovation they can create for the environment with our support. Every project is properly vetted by our team before they are added to our portfolio to guarantee quality and reliability to GoShare's users.

By being in regular contact with our partners, GoShares can closely follow the progress and challenges of our sustainable projects. We have a close relationship with all partners to ensure we are always up to date.

How do I get GoShares to support my Sustainable Project?

We are always on the lookout for teams and projects around the globe innovating to build a more sustainable planet. We appreciate your help and look forward to hearing from you, simply drop us a line and send a link to [email protected] with some info about the project.


How do I make GoShares my default search engine in Chrome?

Step 1: Click "Add to Chrome"

Step 2: Click "Add extension" in the Chrome dialogue box that appears.

Step 3: Try searching from the address bar! Make sure to "Keep Changes" in order to confirm GoShares as your default search engine in Chrome.

We will be adding support for more browsers soon!

If you didn't see what you are looking for, feel free to drop us a line!

[email protected]

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